WordPress Automattic Workshop Novi Sad

Intro to WordPress Workshops in Novi Sad

The WordPress Workshops in Novi Sad kicked off on Saturday, September 28th. I was overwhelmed by the number of people that showed up 🙂 I expected 15-25 people total but 170 signed up and around 120 showed up at the intro talk this Saturday.

Intro presentation for the WordPress workshops in Novi Sad
Photos by Marija Aparac,

During the intro talk, I shared my WordPress story with the attendees and I gave a short overview of all the areas which will be covered during the workshops. Afterwards, we worked on creating Slack accounts on the official WordPress Serbia Slack which we’ll use for further communication. There will be three groups created and the workshops will be conducted in two-hour timeslots for each group. The workshops as a whole will last for seven Saturdays during the course of three months.

I’ll be uploading the workshops material after each class on both my website (in English) and on (in Serbian).

Customer Happiness

Video from the Fifth Customer Happiness Meetup

On July 14th, we had our 5th Customer Happiness meetup. It was awesome and the video is finally out!

Check out the official post!

Customer Happiness

The 5th Customer Happiness Meetup is Today!

I can’t say how excited I am about today’s Customer Happiness meetup. It’s gonna be the best one so far and we’ll have three talks, lots of swag, networking, drinks, catering, and good mood 🙂

I am especially proud of the Job Board we added where companies will have the opportunity to present their job offerings to the attendees. I can’t wait! And I hope to see you there! 🙂

Automattic Customer Happiness WordPress

The Science of Happiness Talk

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I recently had an amazing opportunity to speak at WordCamp Europe in Vienna about The Science of Happiness.

And the video has already been published a few days ago on! I’m adding the video and the photos that the attendees of the talk posted on Twitter. Thank you, folks! Cheers 🍷

Customer Happiness WordPress

Caring Is the Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen Anyone Do by Caspar Hübinger

One of the best talks at this year’s WordCamp Europe in Vienna!

Caspar did an amazing presentation this year and its full title is “Caring is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.”—Thoughts on WordPress Plugin UI.

If you prefer reading over watching, you can also check this article that was based on his talk. Enjoy!