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Intro to WordPress Workshops in Novi Sad

The WordPress Workshops in Novi Sad kicked off on Saturday, September 28th. I was overwhelmed by the number of people that showed up 🙂 I expected 15-25 people total but 170 signed up and around 120 showed up at the intro talk this Saturday.

Intro presentation for the WordPress workshops in Novi Sad
Photos by Marija Aparac,

During the intro talk, I shared my WordPress story with the attendees and I gave a short overview of all the areas which will be covered during the workshops. Afterwards, we worked on creating Slack accounts on the official WordPress Serbia Slack which we’ll use for further communication. There will be three groups created and the workshops will be conducted in two-hour timeslots for each group. The workshops as a whole will last for seven Saturdays during the course of three months.

I’ll be uploading the workshops material after each class on both my website (in English) and on (in Serbian).

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