The Science of Happiness Talk

My WCEU talk - Thank you @AtanasovskiP for taking this picture

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I recently had an amazing opportunity to speak at WordCamp Europe in Vienna about The Science of Happiness. And the video has already been published a few days ago on! I’m adding the video and the photos that the attendees of the talk posted on Twitter. […]

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Caring Is the Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen Anyone Do by Caspar Hübinger


One of the best talks at this year’s WordCamp Europe in Vienna! Caspar did an amazing presentation this year and its full title is “Caring is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.”—Thoughts on WordPress Plugin UI. If you prefer reading over watching, you can also check this article that was based on his talk. Enjoy!

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The 5th Customer Happiness Meetup

Impact Hub venue

I am extremely proud to announce that the 5th Customer Happiness Meetup will be held on July 14th at 18:00 at Impact Hub in Belgrade. We’ll have three speakers, swag, catering, after meetup cocktails, and for the first time ever, job boards will be introduced on our meetup. Basically, companies that are hiring Customer Happiness specialists […]

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The Science of Happiness Article

WordCamp Europe in Vienna

This is an article based on my talk at WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna Happiness So, what do we actually know about happiness? We know that it can be caused by anything or anyone and that everybody has different happiness triggers. These happiness triggers change as time goes by and what made us happy when we were young […]

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