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Lazarus – the Saviour add-on


Imagine this scenario – you are filling in a form, which has a couple dozen fields or more. You are about to fill in the last field and all of a sudden, your internet stops working. Or your browser becomes unresponsive. You get the picture! 😱 I believe that quite a few of us experienced a similar […]

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The Red Turtle

The red turtle

La tortue rouge is an absolute masterpiece. This movie is one of those must-see things in life and it’s a true work of art! Studio Ghibli, you did it again 🙇🏻

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Audio Books

I was always a bit sceptical when it comes to audio books. I didn’t think I’d enjoy listening a book as much as I would enjoy reading it. Plus, there’s always a question of the reader’s voice. Would I like it? Or would I hate it? However, there is a benefit of not having to […]

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