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My Dearest Possessions

My workspace got completely pimped up and it makes me feel really happy 🙂 After spending a bit over 4 years at Automattic, I received a gift in a form of a W laptop and it’s absolutely fantastic!

WordPress laptop, a gift from Automattic
WordPress Macbook Pro

And on top of that, I received two figurines as a birthday present from my brother. These aren’t Son Goku or dragon figurines this time. These are Naruto and Pain, from the Naruto anime – in my opinion, easily one of the top 3 TV shows ever made.

The figurines depict one of the most legendary battles ever created. The first time I started watching the battle, I thought I’d just watch a couple of episodes while I was grabbing lunch. Fast forward, it’s way past midnight and I’m still in front of the TV. Yes, it was that addictive!

If you are reluctant to watch Naruto, don’t be. It’s an incredible anime, with fantastic plot twists, and character depth. I have yet to discover another TV show as complex as this one. The biggest downside, though, is that it has around 700 episodes 😬 However, given the current state the world is in, it’s even better that Naruto has this many episodes 🙂


time inception

P.S. Automattic is still hiring! Check all the available positions on our official Work With Us page.


Two Dragons


Son Goku

I never wrote about this but I am a big fan of the Dragon Ball tv show. And Dragon Ball Z! And Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super!

I always loved the idea of leveling in life – each day, you improve yourself in some aspect and you gain experience. At some point, you reach enough experience to go to the next level. And so on and so on. This is what I liked about most games I used to play in the past. And that’s also what I like in the Dragon Ball universe.

I was looking for a figurine of Goku for a long time but I was never able to find it. Finally, this year in June, I got a birthday present from my wife – a Goku figurine. Finally! Cheers 🍷

P.S. Here’s an awesome site with post about where you can watch all DB episodes and movies for all new/old fans of DB. Enjoy 🐲


Brown Dragon Figurine

I received this dragon figurine a couple of years ago from a friend of mine. Deserves a place on a top shelf! I mean the figurine, not my friend 🙂


Purple Dragon Figurine

In Vienna, I found this purple dragon. Since I collect dragon figurines (I have quite a collection now), I brought this one to Belgrade!

I also had a chance to get a couple of stickers from the WordCamp Europe booths. Just a couple of stickers 😉