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Should We Hug Our Haters?

Near the end of 2016, my colleagues and I decided to read a book called Hug your haters. The book was recommended by a colleague in whose taste in books I trust after reading this one 😀

Was the book good? Yes. Would I recommend it? Definitely! The book doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it shows practical examples of how one can improve their business by embracing their haters and answering to every single complaint. I’ll share my favorite takeaways:

  •  With haters, we don’t have a problem. We have an opportunity to improve an experience.
  • Overcommunication is a myth.
  • Outlove your competition.
  • Every onlooker is a potential customer. If a customer calls you on the phone to complain, surely you wouldn’t hang up on them. And not responding in social media is akin to hanging up on them, only worse, because there are actually other people watching and listening.
  • Hugging your haters doesn’t mean the customer is right; it means the customer is answered.
  • The ability to predict a complaint or problem and solve it before the patrons notice is customer experience sorcery of the very best kind.

Have you read Hug your haters yet? What are your favorite takeaways? 😁

Customer Happiness

Road to Happiness – Part 2

Lessons Learned as a Debt Collector

Clients lie. After a while, when you get exposed to lies so often, you start creating a nasty habit of not telling the truth. This doesn’t do any good to you professionally. Neither does it help you become more human in this crazy world today. Basically, if you lie to a client which is lying to you he will pay his bills next Monday, you haven’t accomplished what you needed – he won’t pay those bills. If you lie to someone who is not lying to you, there is a small chance you can make him pay his bills because he gets scared. However, even in that case, your conscience might not allow you to sleep well at night. It is said that when one lies, he loses a part of himself. The more one lies, the more empty he becomes. I believe in that statement and I am one of the Don Quixote(s), trying to create a world without lies. It’s hard, I have to admit, but I love every second of it.

Customer Happiness

Road to Happiness – Part 1


It was a hot and sunny day. It was my first official job interview and I was quite nervous. Although I’ve already changed more than a few jobs, this was my first time to have a job interview. I was 25, still studying the Italian language at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, my hometown. And this was the opportunity to work in an Italian company, to put my language skills to good use for the first time! That’s what I thought I always wanted and I was extremely excited. Feeling my palms sweat, I took a look at the commission of 5 people that sat in front of me. They were all young, in their late 20s or early 30s. They asked me a bunch of questions which seemed quite simple to me and I answered without any hesitation. Afterwards, one of them started testing my Italian language skills. I thought it went quite well and overall, I believed I had left a good impression. However, I was still nervous after I left that room. I wanted that job so badly because it would be the first job tied to my profession and my passion at that time – the Italian language.

Customer Happiness

Road to Happiness

Road to HappinessSome time ago, I decided to write a book about Customer Happiness and Customer Support in general. The whole point of my book would be to tell my story to the world – how I got involved with Customer Happiness, what I’ve been through over the years, and how I created a career by delivering happiness and helping people.

After a while, I realized that instead of writing a book, I should create an ebook. This way, I would be able to upload it to my website and share it with more people. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do 🙂