My Road to WordPress by Ana Segota

cars on the road

Ana wrote an amazing story of how she dived into WordPress and created her company Anariel Design together with her husband Marko. Quite an inspirational story and I highly recommend checking it! My Road to WordPress by Ana Segota

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A Story

One drop of water can create a wave

Thursday evening. A man sits in a restaurant with his wife. They order 2 large pizzas. A man eats the whole pizza and his wife eats only a half of hers. They ask the waiter to put the rest of the pizza in a box so that they can take it home. On their way […]

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Road to Happiness – Part 2

retro phones and cell phones

Lessons Learned as a Debt Collector Clients lie. After a while, when you get exposed to lies so often, you start creating a nasty habit of not telling the truth. This doesn’t do any good to you professionally. Neither does it help you become more human in this crazy world today. Basically, if you lie […]

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Road to Happiness – Part 1

Road to Happiness

I It was a hot and sunny day. It was my first official job interview and I was quite nervous. Although I’ve already changed more than a few jobs, this was my first time to have a job interview. I was 25, still studying the Italian language at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, my […]

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