Should We Hug Our Haters?

Near the end of 2016, my colleagues and I decided to read a book called Hug your haters. The book was recommended by a colleague in whose taste in books I trust after reading this one πŸ˜€

Was the book good? Yes. Would I recommend it? Definitely! The book doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it shows practical examples of how one can improve their business by embracing their haters and answering to every single complaint. I’ll share my favorite takeaways:

  •  With haters, we don’t have a problem. We have an opportunity to improve an experience. 
  • Overcommunication is a myth.
  • Outlove your competition.
  • Every onlooker is a potential customer. If a customer calls you on the phone to complain, surely you wouldn’t hang up on them. And not responding in social media is akin to hanging up on them, only worse, because there are actually other people watching and listening. 
  • Hugging your haters doesn’t mean the customer is right; it means the customer is answered. 
  • The ability to predict a complaint or problem and solve it before the patrons notice is customer experience sorcery of the very best kind.

    Have you read Hug your haters yet? What are your favorite takeaways? 😁

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