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Installing a WordPress plugin? Things to keep an eye on

Alright, so you’ve launched your WordPress website, you chose the theme which suits you the most and now you are searching for the right plugins. In the vast sea of free and freemium plugins located at the WordPress repository, how do you choose the plugin(s) for your site?

In one of my recent articles, I covered the list of plugins I recommend for a WordPress website. Of course, I use these plugins on my own personal website and depending on the type of website you are managing, you might not need all of them! In any case, let’s start with the basics 🙂

Installing a WordPress plugin

Log into the wp-admin area of your WordPress website and navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Add New plugin

You will be able to search the WordPress repository and find the plugin you need. You can also check for Popular and Recommended plugins.


How to Install a WordPress Theme

You’ve installed WordPress and you want your website to look amazing, brilliant, so that everybody gets blinded by its awesomeness when they go to your homepage, right? 🙂 Well, you need to choose the right theme for this but where do you start?

Log into the wp-admin area of your website, navigate to Appearance > Themes and click on Add New Theme.

Appearance window

You will be presented with a wide choice of themes and of course, it will be quite hard to find the one you wish from the first try! Nevertheless, let’s give it a shot! Let’s say you liked BlocomoTwo and you believe that it is the best theme ever created and you want it on your website.

Customer Happiness ManageWP WordPress

Brilliant Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Recently I started searching for a solution for providing live chat to WordPress users. As I already mentioned previously, I am currently working at ManageWP as a Head of Customer Happiness and we decided to implement a live chat solution to our users in order to provide a much better Customer Support.

I did a little digging and there are a lot of good services out there but one plugin was just awesome and it proved to be the best solution. The plugin name is Zopim Live Chat and I highly suggest checking it if you are in need of a live chat plugin. Zopim is a freemium solution and their official website is located at

Zopim is currently in a last phase of my testing after which I will start using it. Thumbs up for the good folks from Zopim!

Miscellaneous WordPress

A collection of .htaccess snippets

.htaccess Snippets

If you are managing your own WordPress website, you need to know more about .htaccess. These snippets will get you started.


White Screen of Death After a Plugin/Theme Update? Don’t Panic!

It happened to all of us, we were checking on our WordPress website, we’ve updated a plugin (a set of plugins even!) or maybe a theme, and instead of our awesome website of awesomeness, there was a just a big white screen laughing at us. This has happened before and it will happen many times more in the future. The most important thing to know in this situation is that it can easily be fixed! Just follow the steps below:

  • Log into the FTP of the site by using an FTP client – I recommend Filezilla which I use on a daily basis
  • Navigate to the wp-content directory of your site and enter the plugins directory (or themes if you updated a theme)
  • Find the plugin/theme folder which you updated and rename it (you can rename it to anything you want – plugins1, 2plugins, myplugins etc.)

This action will deactivate that particular plugin/theme and you will regain control of your website. If you updated a set of plugins and you don’t remember which ones they were, you can rename the whole plugins directory and thus deactivate all the plugins on the site. Afterwards, by logging into the wp-admin area of the site, you can activate them one by one in order to locate the culprit!