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WordCamp Belgrade in April

Having a WordCamp in your city is a huge thing and in April, Belgrade will be hosting one. The official website for this event is located at and one of the best additions to this WordCamp is the first appearance of our own wapuu. For more details about the story behind Belgrade’s wapuujlo, please check WP Tavern!

Also, Belgrade has a large WordPress community, spread across the whole country of our beloved Serbia. For details about the WordPress meetups and events in Serbia, check our awesome website at

See you in Belgrade!

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Shared Hosting – Which One to Choose?

I’ve been with ManageWP for almost 2 years now (as a part of the Customer Happiness team) and one of many (I mean countless!) benefits I gained so far is the opportunity to check and test a lot of different hosting providers from all around the globe. There is an almost infinite number of choices you have when you are about to pick the right hosting provider for your WordPress website. I hope that this article will help at least one person with his/her decision!

All in all, I ran the majority of tests in a shared environment (which is mostly used) and in my opinion, these are the ones everybody should consider for their WordPress website:

  •  A2 Hosting – definitely on top of my list! SSD in their machines really gives your sites some pretty serious speed boost!
  • Hostgator – never have I had any problems with sites hosted by them. One of the very best hosting providers out there!
  • Bluehost – one of the most popular hosting providers in the world!
  • GoDaddy – quite decent and not expensive. I hosted my own personal website there for a while.

Which ones would you recommend?


To Blog or Not to Blog

Not to blog was the decision I made and I stuck with it until recently. From my point of view, it was completely pointless to waste time on blogging and sharing your personal opinions with the rest of the world.

However, a few months ago, I had a change of heart. My opinion about this subject transformed completely thanks to three reasons:

  • Lots of information that I needed in the past, I was able to find thanks to these blogs which I despised. I understood that blogging is not just sharing your worthless opinion with the rest of the world but also about providing more information and helping others. Who knows, maybe someone who has a dilemma whether to blog will, several years from now, accidentally come across this article which will help him make the decision. How cool is that? 🙂
  • A friend of mine shared an article written by Chris Lema which I liked very much and I highly recommend reading it!
  • My boss Vladimir Prelovac, founder of ManageWP, taught me the importance of having a personal blog and the impact it can have on being a part of the WordPress world.

So, the final thoughts would be:

Even if you have nothing to say, you should blog about it!

Preparing to blog


My Plugins of Choice for a WordPress Website

If you are running a website, it is inevitable that you will need to install certain plugins to help you with the photo galleries, security, analytics, spam protection etc.

Half a year ago, I created my own website and I wanted to share my perception of chess (I am a chess fanatic) and how it is connected with life and everyday situations we find ourselves in. I purchased my space on the internet at GoDaddy and I installed WordPress.

so many choices



I chose to write about my WordPress experience at even though I already have my personal website at www. davoraltman .com hosted by GoDaddy. Let me first explain the difference between and allows you to setup your own blog in a matter of seconds without having to find a suitable hosting provider or buy a domain name. You don’t need to install anything nor have any knowledge about cPanel, FTP, MySQL or anything web related. With just a few clicks, you’ve got your own place on the web so that you can write about anything you wish. does offer lots of premium features, but what an average blogger needs can always be used for free. Thanks, WordPress!