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ManageWP Is Now a Part of GoDaddy

I have mixed feelings about this acquisition but all in all, congrats to the folks from ManageWP!

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Happy at Automattic

Not so long ago, I was working as a Head of Customer Happiness for ManageWP. It was a great job and I had awesome colleagues and a great office. However, something was missing. I needed more freedom to make a difference and I wanted to bring the concept of Customer Happiness to a whole new level. I knew that I wanted to combine my love for WordPress with my passion for Customer Happiness. I was certain that I could combine these two at Automattic. And indeed, I can. 🙂

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The Art of Support – WordCamp Cracow

WordCamp Poland speaker cover

This year in September, WordCamp Poland will take place in Cracow. I am extremely excited to be one of the speakers which granted me the opportunity to talk about The Art of Support – Growing Your WordPress Customer Base by Using the Word of Mouth.

Considering the importance of WordCamps, I am looking forward to visiting Poland and the beautiful city of Cracow and more importantly, I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the subject of Customer Support in the WordPress ecosystem with all WordCamp attendees.

I had an awesome WordCamp time in Prague, Belgrade and Seville and I can hardly wait to add Cracow to this list! 🙂

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Focusing on Customer Happiness!

A few days ago, I published an article on ManageWP’s blog under the title Customer Happiness’ Most Wanted. I used a completely different writing style in order to check how people would react to it and instead of creating a typical report article like:

Hi, this is what we did in the past month(s):

  • We did this
  • And this
  • A bit of this
  • And that

Thank you!

I wanted to try something new, something that doesn’t exist and nobody uses. I had lots of fun writing the post and I would love to hear your feedback on it, either here at my personal blog or at ManageWP’s blog. Check it out! 🙂

Customer Happiness’ Most Wanted

Customer Happiness ManageWP WordPress

WordCamp Europe Impressions

My colleagues from ManageWP and I were super excited about WordCamp Europe, so I wrote an article for our blog last Monday. The next day, we travelled to Seville!

An Amazing Experience

The whole WordCamp Europe was incredible. Since ManageWP was one of the sponsors this year, we had our own booth installed and we’ve spent most of our time talking with WordCamp Europe attendees.

Some of them were already our clients, some are going to become ManageWP users and the rest of them just dropped by out of curiosity to have a quick chat with us and find out how we are involved into the WordPress community.