Browser Extensions

Different browsers on the web

Quite a while ago, I posted about Lazarus, the Chrome extension which prevents the loss of data you insert into a form on a page when you accidentally navigate away from the page (or if the internet connection breaks). In the last paragraph in that post, I promised to follow up and write about the […]

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Cleaning up the wp_options Table and Autoloaded Data on WordPress Websites


Maintaining a WordPress website includes many different tasks and one often neglected is removing obsolete data from the database. I bumped into an awesome post on how to clean the wp_options table and autoloaded data and if you are working on WordPress websites, I recommend reading it. How to Clean up Your wp_options Table and […]

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Searching for Free Images?

Because panda.

Finding free images on the web can sometimes be a challenge because most of them are subject to copyright laws. Nevertheless, there are services that offer free images you can use for your website and share with everyone publicly. My favorite one is Pixabay. Check it out!

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