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Quite a while ago, I posted about Lazarus, the Chrome extension which prevents the loss of data you insert into a form on a page when you accidentally navigate away from the page (or if the internet connection breaks). In the last paragraph in that post, I promised to follow up and write about the browser extensions I’m using. More than a year passed but better late than never!

Typio Form Recovery

Earlier this year, Chrome decided to automatically disable Lazarus in your browser and the extension itself is not in the Chrome store anymore. As an alternative to Lazarus, I started using Typio Form Recovery and I’m very happy with it!

Web Maker

If you’re into website development, the Web Maker extension allows you to play offline with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch, directly in your browser. Pretty cool! I usually use this when I just need to quickly test a few lines of code or when I’m learning new skills, like CSS Grid.


The Stylus extension allows you to add your own CSS code to style certain web pages. In other words, if you don’t like how a certain page is designed, you can adjust it for your own viewing 😎

Wayback Machine

One of my favorite ones! Wayback Machine allows you to look at the previous versions of web pages on the internet, way back in time, ever since they were created and the first snapshot was taken by the Wayback Machine. The service itself is but you can also use the Wayback Machine extension. One advantage of the extension is that, if the page you navigated to is down for whatever reason, the extension will automatically prompt you to take a look at the previous versions.

One Tab

If you’re like me and you like to keep ~1k tabs open at the same time, there’s a pretty nice extension that will allow you to keep all the tabs in one tab. In other words, One Tab to rule them all! 🗂

JSON Formatter

If you’re into WordPress web development and/or support, you’ll often find yourself looking at JSON pages. They are not formatted in the best way by default so JSON Formatter can help with that.


I love Momentum! It adds a completely new look to your New Tab in Chrome, adds a daily quote, to-do list, and lots of other very cool stuff! If you’re not using it already, definitely start. You won’t regret it 🙂

Website IP

Website IP puts the IP address of any website I visit into the browser corner on the right. I use this mostly for troubleshooting DNS and website migration related issues.


This is an awesome one! Tampermonkey allows you to run userscripts on certain pages to add, remove, or change the functionality of the page.

LastPass: Free Password Manager

Before I started working at Automattic, I had the same or similar passwords for all my accounts on the web. I also tried to memorize all of them which didn’t work well sometimes 😊 With LastPass, you’ll get a vault where all your passwords are saved. You only need to remember one password – the one that will log you into your LastPass account 🙂

Listen on Repeat Youtube Video Repeater

The lack of the repeat button on YouTube is something that this extension will add. The website is, and with their extension, you can simply navigate to a YouTube video and click on the extension to set it on repeat.

Grammarly for Chrome

I wrote about Grammarly in one of my previous posts. I’m using it on a daily basis and it helps me so much with my daily work.

Adblock Plus

Even though I’m mentioning Adblock Plus last, it’s actually the first extension I recommend installing. It will keep the ads on various pages at bay 😉

Website SEO Checker: Free Audit & Analysis

An SEO audit and analysis of a site you are viewing, right within your browser. This powerful extension will check the site’s SEO and provide you with the report and suggestions for improvement.

That’s my Chrome extensions list! Which extensions do you use in your browser? 🙇🏻‍♂️

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