On a Blogging Quest

Every day I think about how great it would be to publish a post per day for the next year(s). And every single day, I decide that I’ll start working on it tomorrow. Well, after approximately 2 years, this tomorrow finally arrived!

To go on a blogging quest, I was inspired by the article 3 rules for a successful daily blog written by my colleague Luca. And after hearing the talk of my colleague Andrea at WordCamp Europe in Vienna, I found the last piece of the puzzle to start blogging on a daily basis. Andrea’s talk Publish in 10 Minutes Per Day will soon be published online at but in the meanwhile, she published an article on her personal blog.

Let’s see how my quest goes! 🙂


To Blog or Not to Blog

Not to blog was the decision I made and I stuck with it until recently. From my point of view, it was completely pointless to waste time on blogging and sharing your personal opinions with the rest of the world.

However, a few months ago, I had a change of heart. My opinion about this subject transformed completely thanks to three reasons:

  • Lots of information that I needed in the past, I was able to find thanks to these blogs which I despised. I understood that blogging is not just sharing your worthless opinion with the rest of the world but also about providing more information and helping others. Who knows, maybe someone who has a dilemma whether to blog will, several years from now, accidentally come across this article which will help him make the decision. How cool is that? 🙂
  • A friend of mine shared an article written by Chris Lema which I liked very much and I highly recommend reading it!
  • My boss Vladimir Prelovac, founder of ManageWP, taught me the importance of having a personal blog and the impact it can have on being a part of the WordPress world.

So, the final thoughts would be:

Even if you have nothing to say, you should blog about it!

Preparing to blog