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The Most Important Factors for Scaling Quality Support

I recently took part in an article 22 Experts Reveal: The Most Important Factors for Scaling Quality Support by HeroThemes. Thank you, Tom, for letting me contribute and be a part of it. Cheers 🍷


Why Trusting in Statistics Isn’t Always a Good Idea

A great article I ran into. Touches the subject of statistics and how deceptive it can be.

Why Not to Trust Statistics


On a Blogging Quest

Every day I think about how great it would be to publish a post per day for the next year(s). And every single day, I decide that I’ll start working on it tomorrow. Well, after approximately 2 years, this tomorrow finally arrived!

To go on a blogging quest, I was inspired by the article 3 rules for a successful daily blog written by my colleague Luca. And after hearing the talk of my colleague Andrea at WordCamp Europe in Vienna, I found the last piece of the puzzle to start blogging on a daily basis. Andrea’s talk Publish in 10 Minutes Per Day will soon be published online at but in the meanwhile, she published an article on her personal blog.

Let’s see how my quest goes! 🙂