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Distraction-Free Work Environment

After my quest to improve my productivity and rescue time I came to an interesting conclusion – I spend a lot of time on Facebook and LinkedIn. And the most interesting and scary part of this fact is that I was completely unaware of this.

Whenever I work and while certain debugging processes are running in the background, I tend to scroll the news feed on Facebook and LinkedIn. This became a habit of mine as I am just wasting a dozen seconds to check on the news and the articles/photos that the people I am connected with publish. However, a dozen seconds repeats quite a few times a day and I finally realized that I waste around an hour each day browsing the news feed of these two social media services. Well, that finally came to an end.

Since I wasn’t able to just stop opening Facebook and LinkedIn (the force of habit makes me unconsciously open these two tabs), I blocked them on my computer! Here’s what I did exactly:

  • I opened the terminal on my computer and I entered the command shown in the image below


  • Inside this file I added these two lines


  • Then I pressed Ctrl+x, followed by Y, and then Return. The results when I visit Facebook and LinkedIn:

Goodbye distractions! I can now have full focus on my work and not worry about these two time-consuming apps (in my case at least).

I hope this post will prove useful to people who need to get rid of social media distractions by blocking them. Cheers 🙂

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Share Posts Automatically

Whenever you publish an article on your WordPress website, chances are great that you are going to share your article with your friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

Instead of logging into each of these services and sharing the URL to your article manually, you can also automate this process by using Jetpack and its Publicize module.


The detailed information about Publicize and how to use it can be found at the official guide below:

Publicize Guide