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Distraction-Free Work Environment

After my quest to improve my productivity and rescue time I came to an interesting conclusion – I spend a lot of time on Facebook and LinkedIn. And the most interesting and scary part of this fact is that I was completely unaware of this.

Whenever I work and while certain debugging processes are running in the background, I tend to scroll the news feed on Facebook and LinkedIn. This became a habit of mine as I am just wasting a dozen seconds to check on the news and the articles/photos that the people I am connected with publish. However, a dozen seconds repeats quite a few times a day and I finally realized that I waste around an hour each day browsing the news feed of these two social media services. Well, that finally came to an end.

Since I wasn’t able to just stop opening Facebook and LinkedIn (the force of habit makes me unconsciously open these two tabs), I blocked them on my computer! Here’s what I did exactly:

  • I opened the terminal on my computer and I entered the command shown in the image below


  • Inside this file I added these two lines


  • Then I pressed Ctrl+x, followed by Y, and then Return. The results when I visit Facebook and LinkedIn:

Goodbye distractions! I can now have full focus on my work and not worry about these two time-consuming apps (in my case at least).

I hope this post will prove useful to people who need to get rid of social media distractions by blocking them. Cheers 🙂

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