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Lazarus – the Saviour add-on

Imagine this scenario – you are filling in a form, which has a couple dozen fields or more. You are about to fill in the last field and all of a sudden, your internet stops working. Or your browser becomes unresponsive. You get the picture! 😱

The anger!

I believe that quite a few of us experienced a similar scenario. And I am not sure which emotion prevails when we learn that nothing we entered into the form fields is there now. Is it the confusion, anger, fury, agony, or hopelessness, or a mix of all of those? I could never tell 🙂

After a couple of times (let’s say that ~twenty times can still be considered as a couple of times, just this once 😎) of having the aforementioned scenario in front of me, I found the solution! Introducing Lazarus!

After adding this extension to your browser, you’ll notice this small icon in every form you fill:

Lazarus - the Saviour add-on 1

This means that you no longer need to worry and that everything you insert into a form will be saved!

Lazarus - the Saviour add-on 2

This add-on is definitely a stress-preventer 🙂 I spend most of my working hours at Automattic writing replies to our customers and I no longer need to copy my replies in tickets before I hit the Send button. More importantly, I don’t have to worry whether I forgot to copy my reply before sending it. Yes!

Useful Add-ons?

During the last 5 years, I came across lots of great browser add-ons and I ended up using quite a few of them. In one of my next posts, I’ll share all the add-ons I use on a daily basis and how they help me. Cheers 🍷