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How to Change Your WordPress Password

Your WordPress website is your treasure. You keep your treasure in a safe, locked away from others. The combination to the safe is something that only you know and in order to get to your treasure and open the safe, the key ingredient is that special combination known only to you. It’s in your very best interest that the combination is almost impossible to guess even if thieves find your safe and try to open it. They can try to crack the combination but in vain.


My Plugins of Choice for a WordPress Website

If you are running a website, it is inevitable that you will need to install certain plugins to help you with the photo galleries, security, analytics, spam protection etc.

Half a year ago, I created my own website and I wanted to share my perception of chess (I am a chess fanatic) and how it is connected with life and everyday situations we find ourselves in. I purchased my space on the internet at GoDaddy and I installed WordPress.

so many choices