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Improving Productivity and Rescuing Time

Lately, my focus is set on improving my productivity at work. I am trying to improve both the quality and the quantity of the work I do, without sacrificing my free time.

I realized that my greatest enemy but also my best friend in increasing producitivity is actually – time. I have to know when I’m wasting it and when I’m using it effectively. So, I searched a bit and I found an amazing app which was just what I needed – RescueTime. It has lots of cool features which help me locate my distractions and become more productive. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I love it! Also, I was able to get rid of a few bad habits which were preventing me from being more productive. There are still more of them left, though 😀

Nevertheless, definitely take the RescueTime app for a spin!

Improving Productivity and Rescuing Time 1
I forgot to turn off the RescueTime app while watching a movie this particular day 😃

 What do you do to increase your productivity at work? Share your thoughts and apps you use 🐼 Thanks!