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Mobile Blogging Just Got Better

It’s been a while since I started my mobile blogging quest. My impressions so far – it’s a bit more time consuming than writing a post on a computer, however, it’s more fun and it does add a special flavor to publishing. In other words, I can say that I now definitely prefer this way of writing posts 😀

To handle the images I want to use in my posts, I installed the apps Pixabay and Pixlr which help me when I need to download free photos and edit them and the ones I take with my camera. I also use the Trello app to keep my ideas for future blog posts at one place.

Edit: One of the readers, Paola Mesber, also suggested this tool for compressing images in order to reduce their size while maintaining the quality. Cheers 🙂

So, after choosing the WordPress mobile app as my tool of choice for publishing blog posts, I was quite surprised to learn that it even got better with the latest update! The new Aztec editor it uses is incredible! You can now use undo and redo buttons, add bulleting, pagination, read more links, and lots more. I am so happy to see that this app is getting the attention and developer love that it really deserves.

Cheers to lots more blog posts published via the Automattic’s WordPress mobile app 🍷