Beginning with WordPress

kid learning

A couple of years ago, I shared my thoughts about best ways to learn WordPress. Using online articles, videos, and screenshots is still my preferred way of learning! And a couple of months ago, I found a very nice article for WordPress beginners which provides answers to 28 most frequently asked questions by folks starting […]

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Best Way to Learn WordPress

One does not simply know WordPress

Some time ago, I read quite an interesting article at WordPress Tavern and I found out that the preferred method to learn WordPress is by using online text and screenshots. To be honest, that is my method  too and it is probably yours (if it’s not, try it, you may like it) 🙂 For that reason, I wanted to […]

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paper ships

I chose to write about my WordPress experience at even though I already have my personal website at www. davoraltman .com hosted by GoDaddy. Let me first explain the difference between and allows you to setup your own blog in a matter of seconds without having to find a suitable hosting provider or buy a […]

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How I Started Using WordPress

WordPress and the sea

Several years ago, my knowledge of the web consisted of some pretty basic stuff – I had an email, Facebook account and I knew how to Google an information that I needed. Below basic stuff actually 🙂 I used my computer mainly for playing games, browsing the web was a roughly 5% of my time spent in […]

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