Sorting Mail

After years of using as my default email client, I decided to switch to an app. Many different apps and various tests after, I started using Airmail 3 and I must admit it rocks! It offers so many advantages compared to the Google’s default!

Besides options like Snooze and Scheduled Sending, my favorite one is definitely the Reminder which alerts you on a date you pick, if the person you sent an email to didn’t reply in the meanwhile. Cool!

Beautiful interface, awesome features, the ability to keep all my email accounts under one roof. Plus, removed a couple of tabs from my memory eating friend Chrome. Airmail, you’re worth every cent!

P.S. Thank you, Cécile, for letting me know about this awesome app!

Customer Happiness

GIF Your Support With LICEcap

I was always an advocate of the detailed support replies in an email/ticket – the more information you provide to your clients, the more they’ll learn about your product. Plus, it’s an email/ticket reply (it’s not live chat where you have to be extra quick!) and you can always take your time and emphasize the most important part of your reply first, which solves the clients’ problem, and then you can include any extra information and details that might assist the client further.

Customer Happiness

In Search of a Better Support Email – part 1

If you are a Customer Service agent, it is likely that you respond to dozens or even hundreds of emails per day. And these are not ordinary emails that pile up in your inbox, on the contrary, you are in a direct communication with your clients and you are representing your company. The impression you make will directly impact the company’s brand, i.e. you are accountable for representing your company in the best possible light.

There are a couple of rules I follow when it comes to writing a support email:

  • Make the email personal and let the clients know that they are communicating with a human, not the machine.

Spare your clients templates and predefined replies. No need for that, I bet the clients will appreciate if they realized you took time to write your reply. And they will appreciate it even more if you take a personal approach and empathize with them. I guarantee that!

Bad example – Greetings, $client. I have read and understood your ticket. I will contact you again once I find the right solution. Best regards

Good example – Hi, $client! Thank you for using our app! The issue you reported seems a bit more complex than I expected and I will have to investigate everything thoroughly. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience! Best

  • Never lie!