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Finally, the First Customer Happiness Meetup!

The day I waited for a long time finally came – the first Customer Happiness meetup was held on the 3rd of July on Friday! What can I say except that I am so grateful that this meetup happened. Thank you Devana for providing a beautiful venue on the very top of Belgrade, thank you speakers for holding awesome presentations and thank you attendees! History happened, we’ve created something new for Serbia and the best is yet to come.

Around 35+ people showed up. We’ve had support ninjas from Limundo, Kupindo, Nordeus, Infostud and Orion.  Please forgive me if I left someone out and ping me so that I can add you into the post. Cheers!

Customer Happiness

Customer Happiness Meetup in Belgrade

Some time ago, I realized that there are a bunch of meetups and conferences all over the world about WordPress, PHP, Javascript and other web-related technologies but there are just a few Customer Support meetups.

By providing support for ManageWP, I realized how important Customer Service actually is and how much every business depends on it. That is the reason why I’m organizing the first Customer Happiness meetup in Belgrade, my hometown.

The meetup will take place in our office on 3rd July and everybody who understands or wishes to understand what Customer Service is really about is welcome.

Check the link below for more information. See you soon!

Join the first Customer Happiness Meetup in Belgrade

Customer Happiness

In Search of a Better Support Email – part 1

If you are a Customer Service agent, it is likely that you respond to dozens or even hundreds of emails per day. And these are not ordinary emails that pile up in your inbox, on the contrary, you are in a direct communication with your clients and you are representing your company. The impression you make will directly impact the company’s brand, i.e. you are accountable for representing your company in the best possible light.

There are a couple of rules I follow when it comes to writing a support email:

  • Make the email personal and let the clients know that they are communicating with a human, not the machine.

Spare your clients templates and predefined replies. No need for that, I bet the clients will appreciate if they realized you took time to write your reply. And they will appreciate it even more if you take a personal approach and empathize with them. I guarantee that!

Bad example – Greetings, $client. I have read and understood your ticket. I will contact you again once I find the right solution. Best regards

Good example – Hi, $client! Thank you for using our app! The issue you reported seems a bit more complex than I expected and I will have to investigate everything thoroughly. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience! Best

  • Never lie!
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Brilliant Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Recently I started searching for a solution for providing live chat to WordPress users. As I already mentioned previously, I am currently working at ManageWP as a Head of Customer Happiness and we decided to implement a live chat solution to our users in order to provide a much better Customer Support.

I did a little digging and there are a lot of good services out there but one plugin was just awesome and it proved to be the best solution. The plugin name is Zopim Live Chat and I highly suggest checking it if you are in need of a live chat plugin. Zopim is a freemium solution and their official website is located at

Zopim is currently in a last phase of my testing after which I will start using it. Thumbs up for the good folks from Zopim!

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Customer Service – a Few Tips

In this post, I’d like to link a couple of articles I wrote so far for ManageWP’s blog. I have almost 2 years of experience in a field of Customer Service and I’m quite happy working for this company.

Instead of re-writing these two articles, I believe that it’s better to just point to them and provide a short explanation of the subjects I wanted to touch.

How to Gauge Customer Sentiment in a Support Request

In this article, I focused on providing the details of the experiments we conducted in our Customer Happiness team. One of them is how to capture the sentiment of a customer at the moment he/she opens a ticket and the other one was focused on making the right choice when it comes to prioritization.

How to Approach Unhappy Clients

Here I touched the importance of having a top-notch Customer Service and I also provided some general rules we follow in this field.