Custom CSS for Your WordPress Website

Right. But also wrong! I’ll explain the ambivalence shortly 🙂

Let me first explain in a few sentences the difference between and I’ve already touched this subject in one of my previous posts. Basically, with you have to take care of everything – you need to find a hosting provider that suits you, you need to install WordPress, take care of your site’s security, updates and backups. You have full control, but it comes with a lot of responsibility.

On the other hand, you can set up a blog with in a matter of seconds. The folks from Automattic take care of every single detail I mentioned above and all you need to do is customize your website according to your needs and write, write, write, publish, publish, publish, and then write and publish some more.

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Codecademy – brilliant and fun way to learn how to code


Whether you are learning HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript or jQuery, this is the right website for you! In a fun and effective way, you can learn how to code and start creating beautiful websites. Acquire your coding knowledge at Codecademy and then take a look at the WordPress codex and one of my earlier posts to become a WordPress ninja (and maybe a Customer Happiness Jedi)! And most importantly, during the whole process of learning, have lots of fun!


How I Started Using WordPress

Several years ago, my knowledge of the web consisted of some pretty basic stuff – I had an email, Facebook account and I knew how to Google an information that I needed. Gamer!Below basic stuff actually 🙂 I used my computer mainly for playing games, browsing the web was a roughly 5% of my time spent in front of the computer.

And then, all of a sudden, I had a desire to create a website, so I started learning some basic HTML and CSS. Add a bit of a PHP and I made my first CMS. I learned everything by myself, thanks to the time we live in, anything you need can be found on the web. I also signed up for a class for Joomla! and WordPress administrator.

Taking this class introduced me to some powerful tools that already existed and which I can use in order to expand my knowledge. Although Joomla! was the focus of the lectures and WordPress was only covered in 1 hour (1 hour!), I fell in love with WordPress and I wanted to know everything about it.

So, I started by using WAMP combined with WordPress and I’ve built my first WordPress website in a local environment. Even though it wasn’t much of an achievement, I was amazed by the endless possibilities that WordPress offered. I browsed the forums, educational blogs I found on the web and I also asked my friend, who was already a part of the ManageWP team, to show me some WordPress tips and tricks.

In two months, I’ve already learned so much but I was aware that it was, but a drop in the ocean compared to how much knowledge I had yet to acquire. At the same time, there was a job opening 🙂

Edit (2019): The full (and expended) story ended up being a presentation at WordCamp Belgrade!