WordPress Workshops in Novi Sad


I am pleased to announce that I’ll be holding WordPress workshops in the Startit Center in Novi Sad starting from September 28th. The workshops will last for 3 months and they will introduce the attendees to the wide array of WordPress topics. The workshops will be conducted in Serbian and everyone is welcome to attend […]

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Making CSS Changes and Creating Test Sites

Code and computer

You’ve launched your first WordPress site. Fantastic! After a while, though, you decided it’s time to change a couple of things on the site. Maybe you’d like to use a shiny new theme you just bought, add listings in the form of a plugin, or implement courses to your site. Whatever you’d like to change/add/remove, […]

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Add Custom Functions

When you have a WordPress website, at some point, you’ll probably choose to add your own custom functions into the functions.php file of your theme in order to add a certain feature, remove it, or modify it! However, when you update your theme at some point, all these changes you made will be gone. The […]

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WordPress Child Themes – Why and How To?

Parent and child leaves

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article on adding custom CSS to a WordPress website. For sites, I covered the Custom CSS feature of Jetpack that helps you add your own CSS code to your site. However, there is another way of achieving the same results and that is a child theme.

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