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Customer Happiness

Customer Happiness Meetup in Belgrade

Some time ago, I realized that there are a bunch of meetups and conferences all over the world about WordPress, PHP, Javascript and other web-related technologies but there are just a few Customer Support meetups.

By providing support for ManageWP, I realized how important Customer Service actually is and how much every business depends on it. That is the reason why I’m organizing the first Customer Happiness meetup in Belgrade, my hometown.

The meetup will take place in our office on 3rd July and everybody who understands or wishes to understand what Customer Service is really about is welcome.

Check the link below for more information. See you soon!

Join the first Customer Happiness Meetup in Belgrade


My Awesome Workspace

One of the perks of working in the IT industry is that you can work from any place you wish, and that’s awesome! Automattic (the company behind, Akismet, Jetpack and many other fantastic products) has employees in 36 countries around the world and if you take a look at their officesyou’ll notice how different they are compared to what the rest of the working world has 🙂

However, sometimes having an office desk gives a certain amount of quality and character to your work life. Somebody will disagree with me here but I believe that if you can properly balance between your work and free time, you will enjoy your workspace wherever it is. Like I enjoy mine! 🙂

Office hallway
Table tennis room
Take a break, play table tennis!

I’ve been in this office for almost 6 months now and in a couple of weeks, we are moving to the top of Belgrade 🙂 Just take a look at the view!

View from the office balcony
View from the office balcony
Miscellaneous WordPress

WordCamp Belgrade in April

Having a WordCamp in your city is a huge thing and in April, Belgrade will be hosting one. The official website for this event is located at and one of the best additions to this WordCamp is the first appearance of our own wapuu. For more details about the story behind Belgrade’s wapuujlo, please check WP Tavern!

Also, Belgrade has a large WordPress community, spread across the whole country of our beloved Serbia. For details about the WordPress meetups and events in Serbia, check our awesome website at

See you in Belgrade!