Banana Split (Crêpe) – Paris

After roaming around Paris and browsing the menus standing in front of many restaurants, we weren’t able to locate a place which serves banana splits! 😤 Nevertheless, we found a nice place near the Notre-Dame Cathedral and I tried a banana caramel crêpe! It was delicious! Two pictures from a delightful afternoon in Paris follow […]

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Banana Split – Prague

I really like Prague. Really, really. However, it’s a city where I had the worst banana split evah! I am not going to name the place where I ordered a banana split ( although, a person with a hawk eye and a spider sense might be able to see the restaurant’s name in the picture […]

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Banana Split – Nashville

I came to Nashville for a team meetup. So nice to see my colleagues in person again! Working remotely at Automattic got us all used to using chat for communication and it feels great to spend some time together. I couldn’t miss ordering a banana split after dinner, of course. Nashville, you pass the test […]

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