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Different browsers on the web

Quite a while ago, I posted about Lazarus, the Chrome extension which prevents the loss of data you insert into a form on a page when you accidentally navigate away from the page (or if the internet connection breaks). In the last paragraph in that post, I promised to follow up and write about the […]

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Learn CSS Grid

code and computer

If you’re into CSS, mastering CSS grid is a super cool new skill you should check out. I ran into this great course on Scrimba made of short videos and it’s definitely worth watching. Happy learning! Free CSS Grid Course

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Cleaning up the wp_options Table and Autoloaded Data on WordPress Websites


Maintaining a WordPress website includes many different tasks and one often neglected is removing obsolete data from the database. I bumped into an awesome post on how to clean the wp_options table and autoloaded data and if you are working on WordPress websites, I recommend reading it. How to Clean up Your wp_options Table and […]

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A Few New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year of 2018

Happy New Year everyone! All the best in 2018! Let it be better than 2017 and worse than 2019. Cheers! 🙂 A couple of my New Year’s resolutions that I wanted to share: Excercise a couple of times per week 😅 Start using Brave and Duckduckgo.com more 🐱‍💻 Deactivate my Facebook account ✔️ Blog more by using […]

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