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Table Overhead – What’s That?

database model

Every time you deactivate/activate a plugin, you are actually querying the database. Each time you delete a plugin, you will probably delete some rows from your database tables. The database will still save this unused space, even though there is no need for it and that is called Table Overhead. Think of it as if you were […]

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WordCamp Belgrade Impressions

WordCamp Belgrade conference room

What can I say, whoever attended WordCamp Belgrade could confirm how awesome it was! Great people, fantastic lectures and a lot of positive energy. Everybody had lots of fun, me and my colleague gave away more than 250 ManageWP t-shirts, coasters and stickers. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s contributors day!

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Attending a WordCamp – a Priceless Experience You Can’t Afford to Skip

Searching for a WordCamp

If you are a WordPress fan, attend a WordCamp. You’ll understand how important that experience is and how much it will improve your knowledge and love for WordPress. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, WordCamp Belgrade is just around the corner. If you find yourself near our beautiful city, don’t miss this […]

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Codecademy – brilliant and fun way to learn how to code


Codecademy Whether you are learning HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript or jQuery, this is the right website for you! In a fun and effective way, you can learn how to code and start creating beautiful websites. Acquire your coding knowledge at Codecademy and then take a look at the WordPress codex and one of my earlier posts to become […]

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Gibbon – knowledge from the web, for the web


Gibbon One of the best websites in the world. A free knowledge repository where you can learn almost anything web-related – whether you are into programming, marketing, design, Linux, Customer Happiness or you just want to focus on WordPress. Bookmark gibbon, you’ll discover sooner or later that it was a good decision 🙂

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