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Scheduling a Hangout or a Skype Call? Check this out!


Have you ever tried scheduling a call with a client on the other side of the world? Calculate the time difference between your cities and then get in touch with the client for confirmation. Easy as pie! However, you can save time and create a more professional approach by using Worldtimebuddy! Just enter yours and […]

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Applying for a job? A few tips to make your resume stand out!

Working on Macbook

If you are applying for a job (in WordPress, Customer Happiness and/or some other department), how you write your resume will most likely determine whether you will get a job or not. Having that in mind, your resume must stand out from hundreds of others! Take a look at this article and create an awesome […]

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Your 5 minutes a day creativity dosage


Everybody is an artist in their own way. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this fact. Be an artist today and every other day. And whenever you wish to get creative just visit the link below (like I do when I’m not trying to master WordPress and Customer Happiness :D): Weavesilk

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Take a Break and Relax Your Brain – Play a Game

A man playing a video game

I’ve always been a gamer. And I always will be! I remember sitting all night at my desktop and playing various games until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Today, it’s a bit different. There is so much to study (especially when it comes to WordPress and Customer Happiness subjects) and a lot of work […]

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