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Brilliant Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

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Recently I started searching for a solution for providing live chat to WordPress users. As I already mentioned previously, I am currently working at ManageWP as a Head of Customer Happiness and we decided to implement a live chat solution to our users in order to provide a much better Customer Support. I did a little […]

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Shared Hosting – Which One to Choose?

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I’ve been with ManageWP for almost 2 years now (as a part of the Customer Happiness team) and one of many (I mean countless!) benefits I gained so far is the opportunity to check and test a lot of different hosting providers from all around the globe. There is an almost infinite number of choices you have when you are about […]

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Customer Service – a Few Tips


In this post, I’d like to link a couple of articles I wrote so far for ManageWP’s blog. I have almost 2 years of experience in a field of Customer Service and I’m quite happy working for this company. Instead of re-writing these two articles, I believe that it’s better to just point to them and […]

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How I Started Working For ManageWP

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As I mentioned at the end of my previous post, just as I was getting to know WordPress a little bit better, there was a job opening in ManageWP‘s Customer Support team (ManageWP was developed by the company named Devana, located in Belgrade, Serbia). My friend who already worked in this company encouraged me to give it a […]

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