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Customer Service – a Few Tips

In this post, I’d like to link a couple of articles I wrote so far for ManageWP’s blog. I have almost 2 years of experience in a field of Customer Service and I’m quite happy working for this company.

Instead of re-writing these two articles, I believe that it’s better to just point to them and provide a short explanation of the subjects I wanted to touch.

How to Gauge Customer Sentiment in a Support Request

In this article, I focused on providing the details of the experiments we conducted in our Customer Happiness team. One of them is how to capture the sentiment of a customer at the moment he/she opens a ticket and the other one was focused on making the right choice when it comes to prioritization.

How to Approach Unhappy Clients

Here I touched the importance of having a top-notch Customer Service and I also provided some general rules we follow in this field.

Customer Happiness ManageWP

How I Started Working For ManageWP

As I mentioned at the end of my previous post, just as I was getting to know WordPress a little bit better, there was a job opening in ManageWP‘s Customer Support team (ManageWP was developed by the company named Devana, located in Belgrade, Serbia). My friend who already worked in this company encouraged me to give it a shot and study day and night if necessary in order to get in.Devana

I was determined to give my best and try to earn my place. The hiring process back then (two years ago) was a piece of cake compared to the one that Devana uses nowadays but nevertheless, it was also quite difficult to get into the company. It required various sets of skills, a lot of tenacity, an iron will and a never-give-up attitude.

The first 2 weeks flew by as I was studying ManageWP and the problems which its users can encounter. I knew User Guide and FAQ like a back of my hand and I was going through all the tickets in ManageWP’s database (there were around 8 000 of them at that time). In the meanwhile, I was also improving my knowledge of PHP and WordPress and I created my first plugin!

After these 2 weeks, I started working on tickets and I felt like I became a member of ManageWP’s Customer Support team. I took over User Guide task and I completely updated and modified it. However, in order to get hired and become an equal part of the company, I had to keep improving my skills in the next three months, after which I was finally hired!

Today, after two years, Customer Support team is called Customer Happiness team and my official title in the company is Head of Customer Happiness team! How can I not be happy? 🙂