Good Food

Good Food 1

Favorite Desserts

I absolutely adore cheesecakes. It is my dessert of choice and I try to collect images of every single one I got wherever I go. I thought I’d make one post with all the images I got so far 🙂

Cheesecake gallery

With many more cheesecakes to come 🤞

Why do I love cheesecakes so much?

I have absolutely no idea. The banana split was my favorite dessert for quite a while but then at some point, I switched to cheesecakes and I never looked back.

What is my all-time favorite cheesecake?

This one from Helsinki, it was with dates. Incredible taste.

Other types of food I love

Caesar salad

Ceaser salad

My favorite salad. If I’m not sure what to order, this one is a sure win.



If I had to choose my last meal, I’d choose sushi. No second thoughts.

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