WordPress Workshop Novi Sad

Final WordPress Workshop – Novi Sad

On December 14th, we had our final WordPress workshop in Novi Sad. At least in 2019, that is. In 2020 and beyond, who knows what will happen 😉

How to make a career in WordPress

This was the main subject of the final workshop. After an opening talk about WordPress security best practices by Relja Novović, we had three speakers sharing their WordPress experience, how they started with WordPress, and what kind of WordPress career they have now. It was a truly fantastic experience to listen to three completely different stories that have one thing in common – you guessed it, WordPress 😎

Big kudos to Milana Cap, Sofija Altman, and Milan Milićev for taking the time to give us a glimpse of their WordPress careers and how they started!

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Final thoughts

All the slides from the workshops are available in my WordPress Radionice – Novi Sad Google Drive folder and all the videos can be found on my YouTube channel. All the posts that accompanied the workshops are available on the WordPress workshops tag on my blog.

In the end, I’d also like to thank Startit Center Novi Sad for providing us with the venue! And of course, thanks to all the attendees for their hard work and tenacity throughout the workshop. Thanks for bearing with me throughout these couple of months, it wasn’t easy! But I hope it was helpful.

Thank you note
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