WordPress Workshop Novi Sad

WooCommerce – WordPress Workshop – Novi Sad

One of the tasks at the sixth WordPress Workshop in Novi Sad was to create an online store by using the WooCommerce plugin. Specifically, the task was the following:

  1. Install WooCommerce
  2. Create the default WooCommerce pages either manually or by using the Wizard
  3. Make sure that all the WooCommerce pages are added to the menu.
  4. Set the currency to dinar (RSD) and fill in all the store data.
  5. Create 10 products – 2 simple products, 2 simple virtual products, 2 simple downloadable products, 2 variable products each with 3 different variations, 1 group product, and 1 affiliate product.
  6. Set up shipping for Novi Sad (free), for Serbia (2000 RSD), for Europe (5000 RSD), and for every other area the shipping should be 10000 RSD.
  7. Setup a standard tax of 5% for all products.
  8. Activate Cash on Delivery. This payment method mustn’t be applied to virtual products.
  9. Activate PayPal and set up a PayPal sandbox account.
  10. Install and activate the Storefront theme.
  11. Put featured products on the homepage.
  12. Go through the whole purchase flow and activate a 50% discount coupon.

I created two videos which go through this task. The first one covers the steps from 1-8 and the second one covers from 9-12.

Iā€™m speaking in Serbian but the whole interface is in English

Iā€™m speaking in Serbian but the whole interface is in English
facepalm from Star Trek

P.S. In the second video, one of the products wouldn’t show up in the grid of featured products. Only after the video did I realize I previously set the product visibility setting to Search Results only.

Final Workshop

The final workshop of this series will be held tomorrow. We’ll have 4 talks total – one will be about WordPress website security and the other three will be on the subject How to make a career in WordPress. Cheers šŸ™‚

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