WordPress Workshop Novi Sad

Fifth WordPress Workshop – Novi Sad

On Saturday, November 23rd, we had our fifth WordPress workshop in the Startit center in Novi Sad.

Terminal and WP-CLI

We went through Linux terminal basics and then we jumped into WP-CLI. We learned how to create, update, and delete users on the site, how to install, activate, deactivate, and delete plugins and themes, and how to perform a full backup of a WordPress website in a few seconds with WP-CLI and Linux commands:

wp db export – creates a database backup
tar cfz . – creates a backup of all files and folders in the WordPress installation

We also skimmed-through the other fantastic options WP-CLI offers like:

We also took a quick look at the full documentation of all WP-CLI commands.

WordPress Plugins and Hooks

We inspected the code of the Hello Dolly plugin and based on its example, we checked the different hooks that WordPress offers – actions and filters.

We then created a simple plugin that adds the alt value to all Gravatar images. We also explored the forums where support for websites, plugins, and themes is provided by the volunteers.

I also provided all the attendees with the list of my plugins of choice for a WordPress website.

WordPress Translations

We explored the Languages folder in a WordPress installation and .po and .mo files. We checked the main WordPress translation website and we explored the Serbian locale.


We touched the main concepts of SEO and what are the most important things to work on. I plan on writing a separate article on this subject at some point.


Next Saturday, we’ll be creating a membership website and a webshop.

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