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First WordPress Workshop – Novi Sad

On Saturday, we had our first WordPress workshop in the Startit Center of Novi Sad. The workshops were conducted in 3 groups of ~30 people and each group had a dedicated time slot of 2 hours. We managed to cover several topics:

The Beginning of WordPress

I shared the story of WordPress beginnings, B2/cafelog, and the post that started it all. I spoke about Matt Mullenweg, Mike Little, GPL, and how a few dedicated people devoted to the same cause can make great things happen. and

The logos of Automattic,, and

We also covered the differences between Automattic’s and

Creating a site logo

I guided the attendees through the process of creating a account and afterward, I demonstrated how to create a site from scratch by using different WordPress editors, Gutenberg blocks, and Customizer options. Afterward, the attendees worked on a few exercises I previously created and they launched their shiny new sites.

Additional Material

After the workshops, several people approached me and they mentioned it would be super cool to have a video of the whole process I used when I created a site from scratch.

So, here’s the video 🙂

I’m speaking in Serbian but the whole interface is in English

Special Shoutout

I’d also like to highlight one of the workshop attendees, Relja, who published the details of both the initial talk and the first workshop on his website!

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