A Story

Thursday evening. A man sits in a restaurant with his wife. They order 2 large pizzas. A man eats the whole pizza and his wife eats only a half of hers. They ask the waiter to put the rest of the pizza in a box so that they can take it home.

On their way home, they see an old lady, sitting on the sidewalk. She has lots of bags around her and she looks very dirty. It’s clear she is homeless. A man and his wife approach her and give her the pizza; she clearly needs it more than they do. But what does the old lady say?

No, please. You take it. You need it.” – she says. And after they insist that she takes the pizza, the first thing that comes to her mind is to offer something in return – “I’ve got cucumbers. Do you wish to have a few?”.

It’s funny how some people who have very little are always willing to share what they have.

True story.

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How very true. Those who have very little are likely to share everything they have. A very humbling experience.

I hope the pizza loving couple have the right gut bacteria to limit the chances of obesity.

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