WordPress Child Themes – Why and How To?

Parent and child leaves

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article on adding custom CSS to a WordPress website. For WordPress.org sites, I covered the Custom CSS feature of Jetpack that helps you add your own CSS code to your site. However, there is another way of achieving the same results and that is a child theme.

Adding a child theme to your WordPress website will allow you to modify the theme’s CSS without the fear of overwriting your changes once the theme needs to be updated. This is one of the best and most recommended ways of modifying your theme’s CSS.

Note: Never ever modify your theme’s style.css file directly. If you need to add custom CSS to your WordPress website, use Jetpack’s Custom CSS feature or create a child theme and then edit it’s style.css file.

To create a child theme is super easy and it takes just a couple of minutes. All you need are two files (style.css and functions.php) and a couple of lines in them. Bjorn Allpas released an awesome video on how to create a child theme and after watching his video, you’ll be a child theme master!

There is also another, even easier way to create a child theme. By visiting the link below and choosing the parent theme, you can generate a zipped folder which you can unpack and upload to your wp-content/themes folder and bam, you got yourself a child theme! 🙂


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