Support Details

Customer Service

Are you in need of support for the app you are using? Are you chatting online or exchanging emails with a Customer Support Representative? They might ask for a few details in order to be able to assist!

Support Details

Not every Customer Service software can automatically pull the customer’s details (IP address, Browser, Operating System etc.) and the Support team of the app you are using might not utilize sophisticated software (like Zendesk, Helpscout, Kayako) or their colleagues from the dev department might not be willing to add a couple of lines of code to their application (it’s just the $_SERVER superglobal, guys, come on! 😀 ).

In any case, there is a very cool website which you can start using. Introducing:

Simply go to and email the details. The email CSR receives should look something like this:

support details

@Customer_Service_Teams If your Customer Service software doesn’t include this type of info, I highly recommend either using in your daily support work or implementing a few lines of code in order to gain these pieces of information from your customers. It will make everybody’s life a lot easier. Cheers 🙂

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