Empire of Dragons

Every once in a while, I enjoy a good read or a good video game.  For quite some time, I didn’t have the time nor desire to play a video game, but I definitely got a need for reading books like I used to when I was younger.

The last few books I read were closely related to Customer Happiness, one of my great passions. I even wrote key takeaways for one of them, just in case someone wants to take a look at what they can expect from this book called Strategic Customer Service.

However, if my memory still serves me well, the last book I read that didn’t have anything to do with Customer Happiness or WordPress (my other great passion 🙂 ) was Living with the Himalayan MastersI highly recommend reading it, it can change your perspective on life completely.

Empire of Dragons

Two days ago, anxious to receive certain news, I took a look at my shelves with books and I realized that there are quite a few of them standing there, just collecting dust, and I haven’t read them yet. I slowly browsed through them and the title of one of them caught my eye – Empire of Dragons, an adventure novel by Valerio Manfredi! I read the brief summary which got me intrigued already and I was determined to give it a shot! I couldn’t even remember the time I was reading adventure books, it was probably in late elementary school, early high-school. However, Empire of Dragons got me at the first page and less than 48 hours after I read the first few paragraphs, I finished all the 350 pages of the book.

If you enjoy reading books and if you like adventure, history, Roman Empire, and a plot with twists, I highly recommend reading Empire of Dragons by Valerio Manfredi. I had lots of fun reading it and if you find some spare time, give this book a chance. And I’ll definitely check other books of this author in the future 🙂

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