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Finally, the First Customer Happiness Meetup!

The day I waited for a long time finally came – the first Customer Happiness meetup was held on the 3rd of July on Friday! What can I say except that I am so grateful that this meetup happened. Thank you Devana for providing a beautiful venue on the very top of Belgrade, thank you speakers for holding awesome presentations and thank you attendees! History happened, we’ve created something new for Serbia and the best is yet to come.

Around 35+ people showed up. We’ve had support ninjas from Limundo, Kupindo, Nordeus, Infostud and Orion.  Please forgive me if I left someone out and ping me so that I can add you into the post. Cheers!

The Talks

I opened the meetup with a brief introduction – how the whole idea started, what are our goals and what are the next steps in order to achieve them.  We’ve got our own domain now – – and we’ll be using #chbelgrade on Twitter.

The opening of #chbelgrade
The opening of #chbelgrade

Afterwards, Petar Atanasovski spoke about Fulfilling customer expectations into a reality. He covered the importance of helping people, explained the methods large companies like Apple and Disney use and he provided tips for writing a better email.

Petar Atanasovski at #chbelgrade
Petar Atanasovski at #chbelgrade

Next, Vladan Jovic and Milos Grabic walked us through the tools of choice Limundo and Kupindo use for providing Customer Support to their clients. We’ve had a chance to learn more about Zendesk, PureChat, OTRS and their own way of using GDocs.

Vladan Jovic at #chbelgrade
Vladan Jovic talking about Zendesk at #chbelgrade
Milos Grabic at #chbelgrade
Milos Grabic at #chbelgrade

The last talk was held by Predrag Simic and the subject was Customer Centricity and how to transform problems into solutions. The talk was focused on customer retention rather than customer acquisition and some interesting methods were introduced to the attendees.

Predrag Simic at #chbelgrade
Predrag Simic at #chbelgrade


I’d like to once again give a big THANK YOU! to everybody who helped this meetup come to life and to everyone who came. This is just the beginning, the next meetup will be held in September and who knows, maybe one day, we will achieve something similar to Userconf, or even greater 🙂

However, the most important thing is that everybody had lots of fun. Kudos to everybody!

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