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Best Way to Learn WordPress

Some time ago, I read quite an interesting article at WordPress Tavern and I found out that the preferred method to learn WordPress is by using online text and screenshots. To be honest, that is my method  too and it is probably yours (if it’s not, try it, you may like it) 🙂

For that reason, I wanted to share some really great resources for learning WordPress. A bunch of people really invested a lot of time so that the others can save it. Apart from the WordPress Codex, these are some awesome tutorials that I highly suggest checking, no matter which level of WordPress knowledge you believe you already acquired!

Tour of the WordPress Database

Needless to say, this an awesome article which covers the structure of the WordPress database and its tables. Get it bookmarked for quick reference whenever it’s needed.

Getting Started with WordPress Plugin Development: The Ultimate Guide

Tutorial on creating a WordPress plugin. And a great one, I must add.


A brilliant article which consists of a great number of resources to start, improve or refresh your WordPress knowledge. Don’t miss this one!

If you came across an article which helped you enhance your WordPress knowledge, please share it here. Thanks!

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