My Awesome Workspace

My desk

One of the perks of working in the IT industry is that you can work from any place you wish, and that’s awesome! Automattic (the company behind, Akismet, Jetpack and many other fantastic products) has employees in 36 countries around the world and if you take a look at their officesyou’ll notice how different they are compared to what the rest of the working world has 🙂

However, sometimes having an office desk gives a certain amount of quality and character to your work life. Somebody will disagree with me here but I believe that if you can properly balance between your work and free time, you will enjoy your workspace wherever it is. Like I enjoy mine! 🙂


Office hallway

Table tennis room

Take a break, play table tennis!

I’ve been in this office for almost 6 months now and in a couple of weeks, we are moving to the top of Belgrade 🙂 Just take a look at the view!

View from the office balcony

View from the office balcony

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