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Customer Service – a Few Tips

In this post, I’d like to link a couple of articles I wrote so far for ManageWP’s blog. I have almost 2 years of experience in a field of Customer Service and I’m quite happy working for this company.

Instead of re-writing these two articles, I believe that it’s better to just point to them and provide a short explanation of the subjects I wanted to touch.

How to Gauge Customer Sentiment in a Support Request

In this article, I focused on providing the details of the experiments we conducted in our Customer Happiness team. One of them is how to capture the sentiment of a customer at the moment he/she opens a ticket and the other one was focused on making the right choice when it comes to prioritization.

How to Approach Unhappy Clients

Here I touched the importance of having a top-notch Customer Service and I also provided some general rules we follow in this field.

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